Where ambition, collaboration, and fun come together.

It starts with our people

Sure, we definitely enjoy a laugh or two along the way. But what really inspires us to take chances, think differently, and grow our business is the fact that we’re constantly encouraged to imagine and deliver bigger and better things. Our passion and desire to make a difference is evident in everything we do.

Guided by our company values

With our company values pointing us in the right direction, we know we’re equipped to reach our most ambitious goals. We feel empowered to make decisions that drive positive change for our customers and support how we want to get things done — which is just as important to us.


We’re excited to be part of the company at a pivotal time in its proud, Canadian history, and we want to be part of this success story. As difference-makers, we confidently set our sights on achieving impressive growth and front-runner status in the marketplace. We feel accountable for these results, taking smart, measured risks that are inspired by innovation and guided by sound judgment.


We adapt quickly to change and think creatively to find solutions that are good for our customers and for our business. We understand that we are in a helping industry; it is the reason we are here at all. Serving our customers and broker partners while having a truly positive impact on their lives and livelihoods is what drives us every day. We take our reputation personally.


We care for, respect, and learn from one another. This is a people business, inside and out, and we welcome all voices to the table. We recognize and celebrate integrity, excellence, and hard work because we understand these qualities will get this company where it needs to be. We believe in giving back through volunteerism and charitable contributions because we genuinely care about the communities in which we live and work. We strive, always, to make a difference.